Seattle’s most creatively inspired coworking space. Located in Capitol Hill.


Toyia Taylor
Founder & Executive Director

“The Cloud Room is more than a co-working space. It offers a community, opportunities to network and an environment in which to build upon my dreams.” 

Location Powered Customer Experiences

“As office tenants at Chophouse, we love mixing and mingling with the Cloud Room membership.  Plus it’s such a beautiful space. Our team members regularly retreat to the Cloud Room for a fresh setting or to enjoy a cocktail with a colleague"

Kiki Wolfkill
Studio Head - Halo Transmedia and Entertainment at 343 Industries

“The Cloud Room is my getaway, whether it's for offsite creative brainstorming with my team, focus time for me, or a drink at the bar with a business associate, it always provides a relaxed environment and creative vibrancy that I find energizing.”

Eleanor Cleverly
Senior Program Manager
Amazon Go

“I landed at the Cloud Room when I moved here from Boston and it became home base for my life and my job search.  It’s still home base when I need a place to stretch my creativity and soak up some Seattle culture.”