Nightcap No. 1 David Shields + Christopher Frizzelle

  • The Cloud Room 1424 11th Avenue Ste 400 Seattle, WA, 98122 United States

Town Hall, The Cloud Room and The Stranger have created an unholy alliance to extend conversation and cocktails into the night. Seattle has a tendency to wind down before the moon is high in the sky, and we strongly believe that later evening conversations are often the best.

Our inaugural Nightcap will bring together two friends: author David Shields and Stranger Arts Magazine Editor Christopher Frizzelle to briefly discuss Shields' new book Other People. Renowned bartender Jay Kuehner will keep the party well libated.

"He’s our elusive, humorous ironist, something like a 21st-century Socrates. . . . It almost always reads like a conversation with a highly intelligent friend who, after two beers but before three, decides to chat away about genuinely interesting subjects he’s really thought about."

New York Times Review of Other People

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