Overcast Room at Cloud Studios

The Overcast Room is a podcast recording studio conveniently located in the next building in Chophouse Row. Our producers will help you find your niche and create a unique show suited to your voice. Below is an archive of podcasts recorded with us. Interested in recording your own? Contact us to learn more.

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Age of Independents

”We're on a mission to help anyone successfully plan, launch, and run their own business.”



The podcast by Asian women for the masses, but mostly for Asian women. Hosted by your girls, Gigi and Kieryn. We're here to tell it how it is -- no holds barred -- and shatter Asian stereotypes (we're not all quiet and submissive, so watch the f*ck out).


So Divine!

Exploring the celestial vibe for the current month. A journey of the ins-and-outs and all-abouts of the time, sharing astrological insights, Tarot archetypes, and personal stories.

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Shauna Swerland, CEO of Fuel Talent, launches the What Fuels You podcast, where she sits down with influential, interesting and successful leaders to learn from them. She digs into the stories and choices that made them who they are today, with the goal of sharing the inspiration, perseverance and stories of resilience that are normally only shared within an inner circle. You'll walk away feeling fueled by each episode as Shauna uncovers things like personal hardships and failures, what it’s like to become an entrepreneur and tips on building a successful career.


Citrus Room

"Bold people, refreshing conversations."

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A podcast about the things that enrage, evolve, and entertain us.



Bringing you real stories from real moms plus expert advice on how to handle the every day challenges every mom faces. We’ll cover breastfeeding, low milk supply, milk sharing, community support, body after baby, sex after baby, and maternal health around the world.

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Our Machinery

Looking for advice, opinions, and information from game engine veterans? Discussing all things technical and answer industry related questions.


You, Me, Us, Now

Former Mayor Mike McGinn highlights people and stories on the front lines of social change - how they got started, what they care about - aiming to inspire others to take action.


When Would You Want to Know

If something you believed to be true, turned out to be false - when would you want to know? Join Pierre and Tama Fulton, in an introspective and physical journey as they share new insights and wisdom.