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Chophouse Row Courtyard

Chophouse Row Courtyard

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Conference Room A

Our largest conference room features a large wood conference table that seats 10 people comfortably, a monitor display with a wireless connector, conference phone and whiteboard. Conference Room A is conveniently located in the front of The Cloud Room, allowing you to welcome your guests with ease. Glass walls look out on reception area and work space with a privacy curtain available for sensitive or confidential content. Coffee service and catering is available upon request.

Capacity: 10
Reservation Fee: $30/hour, $35 day rate required for non-members
Features: TV, HDMI connector, Conference Phone, Whiteboard, Privacy Curtain


Conference Room B and C

These two small meeting rooms seat four, perfect for a conversation with a smaller group. Each room is equipped with a monitor and wireless connector. These rooms have a narrow window that looks out on the work space and provide natural light while maintaining privacy.

Capacity: 4
Reservation Fee: $20/hour, $35 day rate required for non-members
Features: TV, HDMI connector, Whiteboard




Cloud Mezz
Cloud Mezz is an elegant and private meeting space nestled on the mezzanine overlooking Marmite, one of the crown jewels of Chophouse Row.   This space features a rustic farm table and chairs, a love seat and two large monitors available. Coffee service and catering is available upon request. While utilizing this space you can expect ambient restaurant noise from below. For quieter meetings, consider reserving this room on a Monday when the restaurant is closed. In addition to the mezzanine balcony, windows overlook the muse and the signature architectural elements that make up Chophouse Row itself.

Capacity: 20 seated, 30 standing
Rate: $100/hour; $500/day | Member rate $75/hour; $300/day
Features: TV, catering and banquet permit availability

Chophouse Row Courtyard
The courtyard is the outdoor central area at Chophouse Row. Featuring structural remnants from the buildings that stood there in the past this has a uniquely warm ambiance. Spilling onto the courtyard is Matt Dillon's award winning restaurant and bottle shop Bar Ferd'nand as well as Good Weather Bicycle + Cafe, a cycling focused store and cafe. The courtyard includes brightly colored all weather patio style seating, and a gas fire pit. Catering is available from Bar Ferd'nand, Marmite and La Spiga.

Capacity: 250
Rate: $2500/day | Member rate $1500/day
Features: Fire pit, patio furniture, tents, catering from Bar Ferdinand, Marmite and La Spiga


Cloud Studios
Cloud Studios is a unique event space perfect for lively events. this space may have background noise from the surrounding by band practice spaces,

Capacity: 100
Rate: $1500/day | Member rate $1000




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