Completed in 2015, Liz Dunn and her team have transformed one of the most significant cultural buildings in Capitol Hill: Chophouse Row. Engaging the momentum of more than a decade's worth of urban renewal, the space honors its past by continuing to foster a diversity of Seattle industries, including food, art, design, and community services.

On its fourth floor lives The Cloud Room. In response to the advent of collaborative workspace, this unique shared office counters the assumption that a day-job should be all about business. While supporting productivity, its team and membership represent many of the thinkers and doers that make Seattle one of the most modern and resourceful cities. 

The layout of the space is designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration, while imbuing in every interaction a sense of warmth. While members are provided 24-hour access to its amenities, The Cloud Room bar and lounge is open nightly to the community, and the majority of its events to the public. Cloud Studios gives our members access to a state of the art podcast recording studio and band practice rooms. 

The Cloud Room believes in exemplifying what makes Seattle so special: a spirited sense of work and play, coupled with a deep concern for the welfare of others.


Light floods the office, which is located on the 4th floor of a mixed-use building called Chophouse Row. With over 5,000 square feet of space, Cloud Room houses a large, co-working area filled with rows of tables and chairs, as well as a lounge, a glass-fronted conference room, and phone rooms. 


"The panelists shared their insights with a full house in the Cloud Room of Chophouse Row, a space that oozes intentional design in its own right. The venue is fastidiously decorated with industrial touches, chic mid-century modern furniture, warm wood and natural fibers." 


"With housing and office space above, the ground floor is home to a handful of restaurants and tiny shops built around a pedestrian alley that leads to a courtyard. Part of the appeal — as in cities like London and Paris — lies in discovering what’s tucked away." 



Liz Dunn | Owner


Liz Dunn is a Seattle-based developer of mixed-use neighborhood projects; she specializes in the creative reuse of existing structures as well as insertion of new buildings in the gaps in our urban fabric. She has a life-long love affair with cities and believes in the power of design to improve our daily experience of living. She works to create meaningful and memorable places – ones where tenants can cultivate their unique talents while enhancing the experience of living, working and playing in the city for the rest of us.

Michael Hebb | Creative Director


Michael Hebb is the founder of deathoverdinner.orgdrugsoverdinner.org, and is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Washington. Since 1997, Michael has been staging invitation-only salons and dinners where guests from multiple disciplines and various backgrounds focus on specific themes or ideas. He believes that the dinner table is one of the most effective, yet overlooked, vehicles for changing the world.

Holly Merrill | Managing Director


Holly has dedicated her life to helping people. She’s spent her professional life mastering Mandarin Chinese and classical piano performance, working in International trade, Design, Community Advocacy, Education, and Non Profit administration.  She has worked closely with refugees, ESL students, The Seattle Public Library as a volunteer for Homework Help, and serves on the Board for Planned Parenthood Votes of the Northwest and Hawaii. When Holly is not working at The Cloud Room, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs at her ranch in Central Washington, cooking, riding her bike and practicing yoga. 

Brittaney Bunjong | Community Manager


Brittaney Bunjong is a Community Manager at the Cloud Room, working closely with membership and social media marketing. She is a graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Communications. During her free time Brittaney enjoys cooking and working on her food blog and podcast series which will focus on life experiences of individuals.

Ari Herman | Community Manager


Ari Herman is a Community Manager at the Cloud Room, working closely with the Bar Director, Jay Kuehner & the Creative Director, Michael Hebb on building the bar, food and events program. She has worked 10+ years in hospitality and events. Ari graduated at University of Washington with a degree in Dance, studied and performed for 22 years. In addition to her Community Manager position, Ari spends her time refurbishing used vintage furniture, dancing, and playing with her four year old son.

Jay Kuehner | Bar Director


Jay Kuehner is an international visual arts critic and freelance writer based in Seattle, where he also works as a bar director, consultant, and ambassador for spirits brands such as pisco, mezcal, and cachaca. He hosts events inspired by site-specific culture, from Mexico City to Marfa, Texas, Basque country to old Ballard. Come raise a glass!

Noe Banuelos | Bartender


Noe Banuelos immerses himself in the world of the visually and delectable culinary arts; a passion and skill which has been passed unto him through his family for generations. He strives to deliver organic and healthy alternatives without sacrificing flavor in his culinary endeavors . His balanced and simplistic cocktails and his quirky can-do attitude—not to mention his lovable pup Montana which frequents the Cloud Room— you will have a night to remember.


Stephanie Gailing | Resident Astrologer


As a wellness advisor, Stephanie Gailing weaves together astrological insights, flower essence therapy, dreamwork, and compassion-based coaching. Author of Planetary Apothecary, Stephanie counsels clients, teaches workshops, writes about holistic well-being, and crafts custom-designed floral elixirs. Stephanie is the Astrologer-in-Residence at the Cloud Room.




Colton Dixon Winger & Christine Tran | Wardrobe Specialists in Residence 

Christine Tran and Colton Dixon Winger are the co-founders of cuniform, a sliding scale personal styling agency, committed to accessibility and more responsible shopping habits.  

After a combined 20+ years in the fashion industry, they decided to launch their own agency to change the standard conversation around clothing, from one driven around trends, to one focused on the impact that fast and slow fashion has on the planet.  They do this by helping clients build beautiful, effortless, ethical wardrobes that work for their individual lifestyle and express their individual voice, all without viewing budgets as a barrier.