BeatClass at The Cloud Room


The Cloud Room was proud to sponsor and provide space for BeatClass: a free, all ages Ableton production workshop for non-cis-male-identifying music producers in the greater Seattle area. Instructed by SassyBlack and Jake Crocker, the class learned the break down of Ableton and production techniques.

“The discrepancy between male identifying & non-male identifying producers who entered our annual beat battle BeatMatch was staggering both of the first two years. BeatClass is our humble attempt at helping move the needle.” - Austin Santiago, Do206.

“It was such an honor to teach one of my favorite subjects, Music production through Ableton. It still makes me very anxious to do but I always come out of it feeling stronger and remembering my skills and knowledge have value. Thanks BeatMatch & everyone involved for making this happen!” - SassyBlack.

Thanks for making this event possible Do206, BeatMatch SEA + Calico SEA! And thanks to the many sponsors: TUF Seattle, Clutch Cannabis, and Distinction Music Management.