Best of 2017: A Very Short List

2017 was a rough one folks. Regardless of political orientation (or lack there of) both our local and global communities faced some serious issues in the past year. From the summer wildfires, to the bizarre reality of POTUS Tweets, to a mediocre season of Game of Thrones, saying goodbye to this year should be easier than most. 

However good things do come in times of darkness so we thought we'd look back at 2017 positively. Here in no particular order are the Top 6 Moments of 2017. 

6. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: If the monarchy is going to be relevant for anything anymore it better be for heartwarming stories of biracial American princesses and former hunky bad boys turned champions of equality. May their future be bright and their kingdom strong. 

megan markle cloud room seattle

5. Kevin Durant's Mom: The Real MVP finally gets a championship ring, and the results are impossible not to smile over. 


4. Southwest Airlines flew puppies out of Hurricane Harvey: We would definitely pay for that upgrade. 

hurricane pet rescue cloud room seattle

3. Roy Moore did not win the Alabama election: This one is a mixed bag, as getting to the point where Roy Moore could have won the election is bad enough, and the margin was truly thin. However we are counting this as a win, and want to thank the coalition of young progressives and black voters (especially black women) who came out and did the thing that many Americans could not do. 

doug-jones-black-women cloud room seattle

2. Moonlight won Best Picture: In a truly deserving move, Moonlight won Best Picture and Best Director at the 2017 Academy Awards, making it the first film directed by a black man to win Best Director and the first film about an LGBTQ character to win Best Picture. Barry Jenkins's story of love and growth was one of the most beautiful artistic statements of the year, and we cheered along with everyone else when he won (even if it was a confused way). 

barry jenkins film cloud room seattle


1. This guy: @sarperduman: This Instanbul based pianist plays songs for his pack of adopted street cats. The palpable connection remind us all that even though humans are flawed, they are occasionally wonderful. 


Thats it! Here's to a better year in 2018. May your holidays be merry and bright.