The Cloud Room Suggests: March

March 3'd: National Moscow Mule Day

moscow mule cloud room seattle

A day worth celebrating in the dead of our rainy winter. Check out local gems at Barrio, Canon and Rachel's Ginger Beer. 

March 4th: Cafe Racer Grand Re-Opening

cafe racer cloud room

One of the University Districts hidden institutions gets a new chance to be a wonderful haven for artists, weirdo's, students and locals. 

March 5th: Robert Reich

Robert Reich cloud room seattle

Touring off of his new book, The Common Good, Robert Reich encourages us to return to the idea of the governance as bettering society, not just the elites. 

March 8th: International Women's Day March- Safety Is Our Right

international womens day seattle

Join council member Kshama Sawant and others in protesting sexual violence and harassment, condemning politicians who associate with the NRA, and promoting safe communities and universal health care.

March 11th: Citrus Room Squeeze

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dumpling fest seattle

If all the world could be united under our mutual international love of pillowly steamed dough slathered in sauces, that world be a peaceful place. 

March 17th: Captive Light: The Life and Photography of Ella E. McBride (Tacoma) 


Ella McBride, who was born in 1862 and died in 1965 at 102, was one of the most accomplished and widely exhibited Pictorialist photographers during the early 1900s. Pictorialism introduced a more painterly rather than documentary approach to photography by combining artistic composition with experimentation during the development process. In McBride’s “Shirley Poppy,” a single bloomed poppy with two budded stems stand tall in an overlarge Chinese vase while cherry blossoms cast shadows on the wall behind. Not sepia-toned nor black and white, the warm tan hues lend a soft elegance to the piece. When not producing her own work, McBride ran famed photographer Edward Curtis’s studio and was an accomplished mountaineer.

March 21'st: When Words Dance: An Evening with Porter Ray

porter ray cloud room seattle

Seattle hip hop has a night out, with Sub Pop signee and local Porter Ray. 

March 28th: Edoardo Nesi: Everything is Broken Up and Dances


Italian political writer Edoardo Nesi's book chronicles the shift of economic policy and finance in the 21st century, from encouraging societal welfare to attacking the middle class. He'll speak about his work.